Sunday, April 13, 2008

B. Rahi Koh!

What’s in the name?

For the people who didn't know me much, they consider me as a person who's more of a silent type, a little bit reserved, and hates being on a spotlight. But for the those who knew me well...they really think that I'm outspoken, eccentric, adventurous, and is a pleasure-seeker! Well, whatever they think I am, all I can say is that I'm a misfit, an ordinary fool trying to be an extra-ordinary cool, a success in my own right, and an everything-wanna-be.

Hahah! Sounds crazy?!

Birahi ko! (Hit me! -- in English)

By the way, I’m male and is already at my late twenties. I’m a company drone by day and an everything-freelancer by night. Let’s just say that I’m OPEN.

I’m from the beautiful paradise island of Cebu, the Philippines.

Friday, April 11, 2008

And Finally!

3D emoticon 10Finally, I've decided to have my own blog!

With all those negative ideas like -- do I really know how to write (hmnn...I'm not sure about this, really) ? And stuff like -- the intricacies of having and maintaining a blog. Anyways, I must face all these challenges and see how will myself handle this.

One thing that's still on my mind though is -- what's really the best? Blogger or WordPress?

I must soon find out!

Nevertheless, I started at Blogger. Why? Simply because its from Google! And I think Google rocks!